Public Service Announcement From Our Founder

In 2018, there were a lot of questions about our project and particularly who I am. After receiving death threats and being libeled by trolls for my preventive-interventions, I decided it’s time you know who I am and why I planted my flag in the field of prevention:

First, I am not a MAP (a minor attracted person) nor is anyone in my organization. My team at The Global Prevention Project™ is made up of licensed clinicians and researchers. I am a survivor of horrific childhood sexual abuse. My abuse didn’t stop me but instead inspired me to become a trauma therapist. I spent a decade working on both sides of the criminal justice system, with both trauma survivors and convicted sex offenders. As a result, I grew really tired of working in systems that waited until AFTER another victim was created before providing therapeutic interventions. It seemed more logical to me to go to the source of potential harm by providing preventive treatment interventions instead of waiting until irreparable damage had been done.

My life’s mission, passion, and purpose is to ensure our world has NO MORE VICTIMS.

In 2013 I created what I believe is a logical solution--The Global Prevention Project.™ My motto is “Prevention IS the Intervention™.”

Second, my project provides several preventive-interventions to various populations, such as:

  1. Men and women who engage in risky sexual behavior who want to learn effective interventions to prevent them from crossing into criminal behavior;

  2. Men and women who have neurodiverse issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Parkinson’s Disease who end up in the criminal justice system as a result of inappropriate sexual behavior;

  3. Men with non-contact sex offenses;

  4. Men and women who have emotional or sexual attractions to children or pre/post pubescent teens and want support in order to ensure they remain safe and healthy in our/their communities.  

Third, MAP means “minor attracted person.” Our project does not nor has ever used the term MAP as a “softening” or “rebranding” term for pedophile. It is not our way to connect it to individuals who identify as LGBTQ. Our project has NEVER made either of those claims. A person who is attracted to a minor can be someone who is attracted to a teenager, not just a child. Therefore, to say that the word MAP equates only to the word pedophile is inaccurate. To learn more visit our 'MAP Interventions' tab.

Lastly, I am not fighting for the acceptance or normalization of pedophilia in our society. I am, however, fighting for NO MORE VICTIMS. The men and women who have reached out to my project say they have a minor attraction that may or may not include pedophilia, and share a commitment to never harming a child. They ask for support to ensure they remain safe in our communities.

Why would I NOT provide preventive interventions to a population that is asking for help?

The lies, death threats, abusive emails and messages my team and I have received for our preventive work won’t stop us! My project has a global imprint based on our various types of prevention services we offer. Why? Because our treatment approach and methods are working!! I hope every country on every continent adopts a Preventive-Intervention approach, instead of waiting until after harm has been done to provide treatment interventions. After all, everyone is safer with preventive-interventions. Everyone.

-----Candice, Female Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Founder of The Global Prevention Project.™