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Why do the terms we use matter?

Minor attracted person or 'MAP' is a widely acknowledged term used in the global Sex Offender Research and Sex Offender Treatment Community.

We did not invent this term.  

MAP is NOT an attempt to 'rebrand' or 'polish' pedophiles. MAP is an umbrella term that includes:

  • Pedophile: an individual attracted to a pre-pubescent child;

  • Hebephile: an individual attracted to a pubescent child (11-14) and;

  • Ephebophile: an individual attracted to a post-pubescent child (i.e., a teen, 15-19).

These terms define an 'attraction' not a 'behavior.' By using these terms we under no circumstances are condoning or accepting the sexual abuse of children. 

To learn more about these various Chronophilias (we didn't make up this term either), we suggest reading The Puzzle of Male Chronophilia by Michael Seto.

what exactly is AN "Anti-Contact, Non-Offending" Pedophile? 

Have you ever heard of the following words used in the same sentence: anti-contact pedophile? How about a non-offending pedophile?

For more information about these terms watch Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau's TedMed talk at the bottom of this page.

Because society often conflates ‘pedophile’ and ‘sex offender,' many people believe ALL pedophiles have sexually abused children. This creates a reinforced belief system that when confronted, is hard to conceive; i.e. that someone who is a pedophile hasn’t sexually abused a child nor has any desire to do so. While statistics vary, research indicates a large majority of sex offenders with child victims are not actually pedophiles (Seto, 2009).  

Many men and women seeking services at our project share feeling like this is an unchosen, unwanted condition that began in adolescence. Some pedophiles also report significant trauma and arrested development at the age of which they find themselves attracted. For more information about men and women who have pedophilia and who have NO desire to EVER harm a child, listen to our podcast, The Prevention Podcast.™ 

In Seto’s article The Puzzle of Male Chronophilia (2016) he asserts, “A sexual interest in sexually mature adolescents, though socially sanctioned in modern Western societies if under the legal age of consent, is neither uncommon nor atypical."

Our goal is to ensure that individuals with an attraction to minors do not act on these attractions, but instead learn healthy tools to remain safe in our communities. Therefore, we provide preventive-interventions to all MAPs.

Everyone is safer with support 

Inspiring hope & change

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Professor Elizabeth Letourneau has devoted her life's work to changing how people view child sexual abuse. In her 2016 TEDMED Talk, she sheds light on how initiatives targeting juvenile sex offenders can be the best method to help prevent future offenses.


Weekly psycho-educational call-in support group For Minor Attracted Persons GLOBALLY

We now offer two different days/times for this group! Contact us for more information.

We have had individuals call in from all over the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, Ireland, and Australia. We have an imprint on all 7 continents and in over 60 countries.

We have had individuals call in from all over the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Africa, Ireland, and Australia. We have an imprint on all 7 continents and in over 60 countries.

New! web-based Partner support group FOR PARTNERS OF MAPS!

We heard your call, global community! We now offer a weekly web-based call-in psycho-educational support group for female partners of MAPS or individuals who either have or are engaging in risky sexual behavior, who may or may not be legally involved.

Other online peer Support 

If you are struggling with a minor attraction, including feeling scared that you may harm a child or if you have no desire to harm a child but feel depressed, isolated, shame, and/or are suicidal, there is on-going global peer support. 

The following are online peer-support forums available 24/7. 


Is a private and confidential peer support network for MAPs and "is intended to reduce the stigma attached to pedophilia by letting people know that a substantial number of pedophiles DO NOT molest children, and to provide peer support and information about available resources to help virtuous pedophiles remain law-abiding, and lead happy, productive lives" (retrieved from virped.org website). Note: This online chat is anti-contact.


Is a private and confidential peer support network for MAPs and "provides peer support through a password-protected online forum where MAPs can talk with each other about issues related to their emotional well-being. These issues may include coping with stigma, fear, frustration, or secrecy, finding fulfilling relationships, working with mental health professionals, living within the law, or any other issues that may or may not be related to sexuality" (retrieved from B4U-ACT Website). Note: Some MAPs who are part of B4U-ACTs online chat may not have the same views we hold, namely our anti-contact stance.


Offers online self management tools for individuals attracted to children or early adolescents (i.e. MAPs). "The goal is ultimately to prevent child sexual abuse and the use of child abuse images and to alleviate the distress experienced by those with paedophilic inclinations" (retrieved from troubled-desire website).

The Prevention Podcast

In January of 2018 we launched The Prevention Podcast with a focus of child sexual abuse prevention-education. On the podcast we explore dicey topics to educate our global community on the necessary steps we must to take to prevent child victimization. In our first season we interviewed non-offending pedophiles and their commitment to keeping children safe, as well as researchers, and organizations across the globe who focus on primary prevention of CSA. 

Our podcast has been downloaded in over 60 countries on all 7 continents!